Hello and welcome to a glimpse into how I view the world and how my world is beginning to change as I find and begin to assert my place in this thing we call life. Here is a bit of who I am.

  • Single Mama
  • Life Observer
  • Extroverted Introvert (though I embody many traits that are associated with being extroverted—charismatic, social, open—my energy comes from being alone)
  • Trojan (Fight On!)
  • Graduate Student
  • Higher Education Professional

who I was (circa 2012)….

  • Husky (Go Dawgs!)
  • Full-time college student
  • Ethnic, Gender and Labor studies major
  • 24 years young
  • Natural Hair enthusiast

I am all of the above and above all I am an individual with a strong passion and love for life. My love extends to all that this universe has to offer. I love to learn and to teach and that is why I decided to blog.

Here is a bit of what I intend to blog about

  • Revolutionary Single-Mothering: Because I feel that the plight of the single mother is unique and very special, but that does not  mean that mothers, single or not, wont be able to relate.
  • Higher Education
  • Health/Wellness: I am huge on self-care!
  • Food
  • Hair and Beauty
  • Race, Ethnicity, and Gender

Connect With Me

Twitter: @TheRadiantMama
Instagram: TheRadiantMama
Pinterest: Pinterest.com/Radiantmama

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