Love is…


This wonderful hot and sunny day brought such a beautiful celebration of limitless love, acceptance, and DIY Pinterest ideas. One of my close friends made the union between him and his wonderful partner legal last month. My daughter and I were extremely
honored to be a part of this merriment.

My longtime friend Viet as20140801-085405-32045337.jpgked if my daughter would be the darling flower girl at his wedding. Viet and I have known each other since 2010 and he was a great and supportive friend during m20140801-085405-32045703.jpgy pregnancy.



I had absolutely no problem agreeing to his request. As my friend Viet is simply fabulous, I just knew his wedding would be a joyous occasion with plenty of delicious food and marvelous decor. My daughter and I enjoyed every bit of it, from the small placid lake dotted with koi fish to the colorful table full of pastries (which my daughter decided to stand and stare at for moments on end.)

This cute outdoor wedding was a Pinterest dream, it was obvious that Viet invested a good amount of time preparing and decorating the space. He also cooked all of the food. I know who I will be calling to plan my wedding 😉 I want a love like this!! So true and so unapologetic.


Oh Yeah… I made them a jumping broom (from scratch!) Jumping the broom is traditionally African American. I knew Viet and Henry would appreci20140801-085405-32045769.jpgate the meaning as a couple that has had to battle legal systems and face criticism because unions like theirs have not always been recognized by our legal systems or society at large. Similarly, African American slaves marriages were not recognized at all so jumping the broom became a way for lovers to celebrate and recognize unions that were not sanctioned by the slave masters or overseers, but their own. Not to mention, the broom I made for them matched the woodsy décor of both their wedding and their apartment… it was, according to my baby, “very special!”

20140801-085405-32045010.jpgMore info on the ceremony and tradition of jumping the broom:: Jumping the Broom 


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