GRE: Practice test mobile apps!

I am baaaaack! School, work, and my little one have left me with little to no time to create a blog post! Now that O a free from the mental strain of school work I can focus more of my energy on preparing for grad school! ( yaaaay me!) In preparation for the next leg of my journey, I have began looking at GRE resources. I do not have the funds to pay for a prep
course, but I do have access to a world class library and free or cheap mobile apps.


The whole standardized test taking process is pretty daunting to me but I know that by giving myself this jump start I will alleviate some of my stress.

Part of my preparation will include using GRE vocabulary on my blog and in my correspondence. Using some of these words in my every day text or emails will at first seem anomalous, but my hope is that it will help cement them into my mind. Well it is getting late now, I’ve had a long day and an early morning and now, I am simply enervated! Goodnight 😴



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