Please Don’t Kill My Vibe…. (Motivation Killers)

I often times find it hard to remain motivated… When it comes to my homework, diet, and excercise, sometimes I just lack the motivation. I will find myself spendig hours (literally) on pinterest, facebook, and instagram just to avoid what I should be doing. But why do I do this, and how can I avoid it?


I recently read an article on by Scott Smith on TinyBuddha that detailed 4 Motivation Killers, and I must admit that I have fallen victim to each of these 4 plenty of times.

  1. Fear of failure: This is so true for me. This past school year I applied for a few scholarships, for the first time. I am a senior so I am waaaaaay late in the game, but I realized that the reason I wasn’t applying before then was because of the assumption that I would not get them anyway. But surprise surprise!! I received the very first scholarship I applied for, and the organization that awarded it to me gave me great praise on my essay… Wow!
  2. Lack of clear goals: I make list everywhere, now. I have to-do list on my refrigerator, phone, MacBook, and a small journal; also make a lot of vision boards (putting my magazine subscriptions to good use). Why? Because, I have noticed that I need to SEE my goals. I know in my mind what I want to achieve, but constant visual reminders help to motivate me.
  3. Ignoring my health: I could easily skip this section (procrastination,) but I will not. This is the most salient issue for me.. 😦 I am not a nutritonist or a personal trainer, but I do know a lot about health and fitness, too much to eat and lounge around the way I sometimes do. Neglecting my health easily becomes a pattern that reduces my motivation to do anything
  4. Loss of core identity: Just like Scott, for me, “having a stronger sense of self, combined with re-committing to loving, humble, and honorable principles has kept my world from collapsing when something doesn’t go my way.” I often wonder where I would be if I didn’t know who I was and what I REALLY stand for. We all fall of the wagon a little bit sometimes and act out of character but if we can’t come back to where we know we should be or want to be than where does that leave us? Losing track of my core identity has killed my motivation plenty of times.

What does it take to overcome these massive motivation killers? Scott says…

Fear of failer:  Don’t justify putting off just about any chore or task by telling yourself “I don’t have the time or resources to get it done right.” This mindset leaves you feeling paralyzed. I have found that it’s better (more often than not) to take the jump, regardless of whether or not circumstances are optimal. Regardless of whether or not rejection is a possible outcome. Regardless of whether or not other people will appreciate or understand your actions. Even though missing the mark is uncomfortable at times, most happy and successful people that I’ve interviewed or read about have all gotten okay with taking shot after shot until they finally hit their target.

Lack of clear goals: You can mitigate the overwhelming fear of failure by focusing on rewarding, enjoyable, and achievable goals. Dreaming about what you want and then actually believing that you can achieve it (even during times of adversity) is the only way to really find motivation from within.  Without more tangible realizations of your dreams, wants, and goals (no matter how big or small) you are going to struggle knowing where to start.

Ignoring your health: Much like depression, physical neglect will rob you of feeling pleasure for any activity. Poor hydration, lack of exercise, and large amounts of insulin in the body (primarily from overconsumption of carbohydrates) will also leave you riding the motivation roller coaster (with mostly drops) thus killing self-esteem, leading to depression, and in turn creating a whole new vicious cycle of negative thoughts and negative energy levels. You need to stop the cycle at some point. Recognize this and get off this ride immediately!

Loss of core identity: How can you possibly handle any of the above three challenges effectively, let alone find the intrinsic motivation to even try, if you do not know in your heart who you are? Or more importantly, who  you want to be? If there has been one best practice I would advise anyone to perform it would be journaling.

“All four of these productivity and happiness assassins seem to work together in an effort to kill my momentum. Sometimes they still win. But more and more these days I realize that I’m in control over them. It’s been the battle of my life, and it may be yours. But our lives are worth fighting for.”

~Scott Smith


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