Nature Box!!!!

I am an avid snacker and lately the rice crispy treats and potato chips at the student store have been haunting me so I decided to try out Nature Box… it is $10 for the first month and the cheapest package is only $19 a month after that…


What say you….? Only $19?? Snacks like this from my ‘semi-local’ Whole Foods Market (I will talk about this in another post) or other health food store would easily cost between $25-$45 for all five. It comes straight to your door in a cute re-usable box!! This deal is unbeatable in both its price and convenience.


Not only are these snacks cheap but they are also healthy. You will get a variety of nibbles that are all organic, with no;

  • high fructose corn syrup
  • partially hydrogenated oils
  • artificial sweeteners
  • artificial flavors
  • artificial colors
  • and with 0g of trans fats.

Some of the snacks are also vegan and/or gluten free.


The 5 snacks we recieved this month are…
1. Masa Crisps
2. Vanilla Macaroon Granola
3. Cherry Berry Raisins
4. Pistachio Power Clusters
5. Roasted Kettle Kernels


Check out nature box HERE and don’t miss this out on this deal!!




    1. So far I’ve only tried the corn nuts.. and they were really good! I do feel like they are worth the money if I average it out it would be around $3.99 per package… But I got this first batch for only $10 so it was really only $2. They send different things each month so lets see if I feel the same way with my next package.

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