The way we see it, the sister is also a revolutionary…


“The way we see it, the sister is also a revolutionary, and she has to be able to defend herself, just like we do. She has to learn to shoot, just like we do. Because the pigs in the system don’t care that she’s a sister; they brutalize her just the same.”

– Black Panther Party Chairman Bobby Seale, 1970 


My halloween costume this year!

I decided to be a Black Panther for halloween after I was invited to a 70s themed party. I thought to myself…. “hmmm who were the dopest people of the 70’s, better yet who were the most revolutionary people of the 70’s, who helped change the course of black political thought and promote a movement of empowerment and self-respect!?!” Angela Davis, Alex Haley, and Huey P. Newton are just a few. I could have easily went to the party as a cliche’ foxy brown or some other “groovy” chick with curves and an aImagefro, but I wanted to make a statement! And this is probably the only gun I will ever own…. 😉


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