Happy St. Patty’s Day and Healthy Eating For the Family…

Green Breakfast: Green Waffles, Green Eggs, and Fruit w/Green Kiwi 😉


I Know I’m a little late but I needed to share my St. Patty’s day meal but I also wanted to share and receive a little feedback on something that Ive been struggling with. Trying to get my family to see the long and short term health benefits of eating healthier without them thinking Im some kind of hippie or tree huger has been extremely challenging…. People oppose things that are different from their norms all the time but food should be something we are open to especially if we want to live wholesome lives.

Image My daughter went from breast milk to a mostly organic, whole food, and vegetarian diet so getting her to eat anything green has never been a problem, but as she gets older she has become picky about her textures.

Here are some notes/tips from zenhabits (My go-to blog for just about anything) on how to get your kids as well as other members from your family to try healthier food options:

  • If you do the cooking, cook food for the family, and cook your meals separately. Eva & I often cook our healthy food in bulk and eat the same food for days, while the kids eat other things. For some reason they’re not big kale and quinoa fans. Kids.
  • Kids can change their taste buds, but slowly. They won’t instantly like big green salads, but you can introduce vegetables slowly, in soups and other dishes they might be used to. Dice carrots and kale can be added to chili and spaghetti sauce if you cut them small enough and add them when you’re cooking onions/garlic.
  • Kids will eat nearly anything if you add some baked fries to the dish.
  • If the kids are going to eat something especially tempting (pizza), I try to make myself scarce so I don’t have temptations. It’s too hard to avoid junk that I enjoy eating, if it’s right in front of me, so I’ll go for a run or go to my room to do some work — keep busy.
  • We try to find restaurants that has healthy food that the kids will like.
  • When I went vegetarian, Eva & the kids weren’t vegetarian. I did get them to try some dishes, which they generally liked, and then would just eat my food separately from them. If I made my food especially delicious, it would be tempting for them to at least try.
  • Kids will go to any restaurant if there’s dessert at the end.
  • Many people don’t like the idea of vegan food, even if they’ve never tried it. Making delicious vegan cupcakes will often win them over, at least to try it. I recommend Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. Truly amazing.

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