Making Writing a Habit

It is almost the end of the last day of the new year…. And this is one of my first blog post of 2013, but I am keeping to my personal commitment of at least 2 blog post per month!! I told myself last year that I would blog successfully this year, and for me successful blogging is at least 2 thoughtful and meaningful post.

The reason for this commitment is two-fold, 1 to help me build up the habit of writing and improve my writing skills, and to also have a sort of diary that I can reflect on and track my progress as I grow and develop into a positive, and strong young mother.

On the subject of writing….. This has been the hardest thing for me lately; between writing a personal letter to someone, sending a text message, and writing essays and papers for school, I just havent been able to be creative or have the confidence to just write. I have the hardest time saying or conceptualizing the simplest of ideas.. But I am a work in progress and the more I do write the better I will become and the easier it will get. I hope sooner than later because I have a paper due next Wednesday 😉

I am going to keep this post short but I would like to share one resource that is helping me to improve my writing (helped me write this post)  and create other healthy habits in my life The Power of Habit Investment.

Have a wonderful week everyone!


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