Sistah Vegan

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As soon as I had heard what he had said, I felt my stomach tighten and nausea came several seconds later.


“The female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down.

Todd Akin’s words really hit me deep when he decided to become an “expert” on “legitimate rape” the other week. I know there have been tremendous responses against the ridiculous claims that Akin has made, but I wanted to offer what his words did to me; where it sent my mind.

Even though Akin apologized, I personally do not buy it. His initial “claim” about rape made me think about what men of his ilk have done, since European colonialism, to Black female bodies; to their reproductive gifts that were commoditized and sold on the auction block…and raped.

But back then, during an antebellum era of institutionalized chattel slavery, it…

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